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                      JUNE 2016: Recognizing that stewardship goes beyond finances, the emphasis for the 2016 Stewardship Campaign will be on our relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Your Stewardship Committee has planned an extensive outreach - called "Care & Share" to every person who is a member or friend of Forest Larger Parish.  Our goal is to offer a personal visit to each of you by a pair of  elders and/or deacons to better understand  the goals and dreams that you hold for our church.  These visits will start in the next few weeks and continue into early October.  Be expecting a call from your brothers and sisters in Christ to arrange for a visit!

                      APRIL 2016: HOW COOL IS THIS?! Recently, a significant cash donation was made by an anonymous donor to address the issue of hungry kids in the Wabeno school district. And guess what? Forest Larger was one of the first contacts made because of our long established reputation for helping those in need in our community. A task force meeting was organized by the UW-Extension and we were invited to send representatives. Out of that meeting, our own Pam Schroeder emerged as the coordinator for the program. Pam got right to work and secured permission to use the Wabeno building of our church as the site where food materials would be gathered and backpacks assembled. The program is designed to deliver backpacks that will be filled with nutritious, appealing, and easily prepared foods. At the end of the school week, targeted children will get the backpacks to take home for the weekend when school breakfasts and lunches are not available. The kids return the empty backpacks to school on Monday and the process repeats. Recipients of the backpacks are identified through the school and their identities remain confidential.

                      The program is starting off small with nine children currently enrolled and they will be receiving backpacks this week. Fund-raising is not an issue at this time because of the anonymous benefactor but depending on the response to the program, this may be an issue to address in the future. Again, Forest Larger will probably be called on to take a leadership role there as well.

                      Please contact Pam Schroeder if you would like to donate an hour or so of your time to fill these backpacks on a weekly basis or if you would like to be part of the shopping trip to secure the food items that fill the backpacks.

                      Thanks be to God for the opportunities He brings to us to serve others who are hungry and also for the willing volunteers at Forest Larger who bring life to good ideas.


                      March 2016 Lenten Service: Attendees answered these questions 1)  How have you experienced God in your life? 2) What words come to mind as you reflect on what/who God is for you? and then placed one of these words on a Scrabble board as they entered the sanctuary, connecing words  as a symbol of how we each have experiences of God to share with one another.

                      2016_Lent.JPG       2016_Lent_Scrabble.JPG

                      January 2016: Joanne Gipp, Joyce Lentz, Audrey Peterson, Suzanne Bell and Karen Prueter, members of the FLPPC Mission/Evangelism Committee, took advantage of the clearance sales to purchase 22 coats for distribution next fall through New Cap of Crandon.


                      December 2015:  Our Awesome Christian Youth Group, with support from adult church members, went Christmas Caroling at Nu Roc Community Healthcare.  What a wonderful way to spread - and feel - the Christmas Spirit!

                      NuRoc2015_1.jpg    NuRoc2015_3.jpg

                      November 28, 2015: One of 72 platters made up for the annual holiday sale held at our Lakewood location. The PW-sponsored sale raised $1300 for missions. No information available for the total number of calories dispensed!!


                      (pic 1)   Joanne Gipp, Patty Earnest, Karen Prueter, Linda Mentz and Suzanne Bell of the Forest Larger Parish Presbyterian Church Mission/Evangelism Committee delivered fifty shoeboxes to the drop off site at Praise Chapel in Crandon. The boxes were filled with gifts for children served around the world by Samaritan's Purse through their Operation Christmas Child program.
                      (pic 2)  Linda Mentz, Joanne Gipp, Suzanne Bell, Patty Earnest and Karen Prueter of the  Forest Larger Parish Presbyterian Church Mission/Evangelism Committee delivered hams for the upcoming holidays to the food pantries at St. John's Food Pantry, the NEWCAP Food Pantry (shown here), and to the current residents of the New Hope Homeless Shelter. Hand crafted hats were also given to NEWCAP for distribution to their clients as winter approaches!

                      Shoeboxes_2015.JPG    Hams_2015.JPG

                      The Presbyterian Women's 2015 Pie Sale, held during Lakewood's annual Festifall in September of each year, provided a plethera of sweet goodies for shoppers!  We were sold out of pies by 2:09 pm, raising over $800 to be used for mission needs throughout the year.

                      Pies_2015_1.jpg     Pies_2015_5.jpg

                      Pies_2015_4.jpg   Pies_2015_7.jpg

                      Vacation Bible School (VBS) is held each summer.  Below are pictures from our 2015 event titled "Hometown Nazareth", where we spent a week with over 35 youth sharing with them what it was like to grow up in Jesus' time.

                      VBS_2015_1.jpg    VBS_2015_2.jpg

                      VBS_2015_3.jpg   VBS_2015_4.jpg


                      Back to School donations for 2015:


                      Flea Zaar 2015 - a HUGE SUCCESS!!

                      FleaZaar2015FurnitureGarage.jpg  FleaZaar2015GardenShop.jpg

                      FleaZaar2015ManCave.jpg  FleaZaar2015Cars.jpg


                      Chli Supper in Laona - fundraiser for new sound equipment - May 2015

                      Laona_Chili_Supper_2015_1.JPG    Laona_Chili_Supper_2015_2.JPG

                      Presbyterian Women (PW) Annual Dinner - May 2015

                      PW_Spring_2015_1.JPG  PW_Spring_2015_2.JPG  PW_Spring_2015_3.JPG   PW_Spring_2015_4.JPG  PW_Sprint_2015_5.JPG  PW_Spring_2015_6.JPG


                      Mural painted by Wabeno elementary kids in weekly After School Program. Thank you Tim and Connie Freisen!










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