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                      The Bible tells us that we all have unique gifts; as a church member or friend, you have the opportunity to put your gifts to work in a variety of ways to glorify God through promoting, serving and supporting your church. Some of those opportunities (but probably not all!) are listed below.

                      • Serve as a liturgist (does the Bible reading during the Sunday service)...(the list of liturgists is published by the Worship committee for the entire year and is generally posted in your home church.)
                      • Serve as usher (hands out bulletins, passes out and collects attendance registers if used in your church, distributes the offering plates, and, upon special request by the pastors, helps serve communion.) The ushers are also posted in some of the churches a year in advance but there are always substitutes needed especially at the last minute.
                      • Vote in the annual meeting (held immediately after Sunday service about the third week in January to approve the way the church is operating and to elect new elders and deacons.)
                      • Serve in leadership roles as Deacons and Elders (for more information see About Us
                      • Serve on Committees to promote the work of the church
                      • Work on major projects that the parish does (including Vacation Bible School, Flea-zaar, parish float, helping other members with local mission projects, etc.)
                      • Host fellowship hour in your church by making coffee and providing a snack. (There are sign up sheets at all churches for this important job.)
                      • Attend fundraising functions to show support for the effort of our PWs
                      • Provide financial support according to your resources. It is helpful to the church leaders if we know what we can expect from you by turning in an "Estimate of Giving" card at the stewardship drive every fall. This is NOT a commitment cast in stone NOR is it a ploy to encourage you to overextend yourself; rather it makes planning easier because we have a better idea of what resources we have to work with in the upcoming year.
                      • Volunteer to provide food items for potlucks, bake sales, etc.
                      • Attend worhship services at NuRoc (4th Tuesday at 2:00 pm) and/or Lakewood Assisted Living (2nd Tuesday at 2:00 pm).
                      • Invite others in your community to come visit our church.

                      Church membership is not intended to be a burden, but rather a joy where you get to express your love for God, your church and your neighbors. Be open to share your gifts!


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