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                      How to Join

                      We are always excited to receive new members into our midst.

                      If you have been attending one of our congregations regularly and are ready
                      to explore membership, you will be invited to attend two to three classes
                      designed for potential new members. During the class, you will be able to
                      explore what your faith means to you, how the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
                      system of government works, how Forest Larger Parish functions as a
                      three-point parish, why we worship as we do and a discussion of any other
                      information that could be pertinent to you. You are not committed to joining
                      a congregation by attending these classes, but will be asked if you are ready
                      to make a commitment to join a particular congregation at the end of the

                      You may enter into membership in one of three ways:

                      • By Profession of Faith - meaning you have never been a member of
                        any church and are now ready to declare your faith in Jesus Christ.
                        If you have not been baptized, you will receive baptism into Christ’s
                        church, following your profession of faith on the day you are received
                        by the congregation.
                      • Reaffirmation of Faith – meaning you have declared your faith in
                        Jesus Christ by joining a church, but your membership has lapsed and
                        you want to “reaffirm” your faith as you join this church.
                      • Letter of Transfer – meaning you are currently a member of another
                        Christian church and would like to transfer your membership to the
                        congregation you wish to join. A letter requesting your membership
                        transfer would be sent by the Clerk of Session of the congregation you
                        are joining.

                      The Session (governing body of elders) of the congregation you are joining
                      will meet with you following the completion of the classes, get to know you
                      and offer to answer any additional questions you may have. The Session
                      will then vote to receive you as a member. On a designated Sunday chosen
                      by you and the pastors, you will then be introduced to the congregation and
                      welcomed into the life of the church.


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