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                      Our Pastor:  R. Lee Jennings, Jr., Minister


                      Our Administrative Assistant, Lori Brooks

                      Co-Treasurers: Tina Flannery & Mary Scheuerman

                      Assistant Treasurers:  Gwen Fritsch - Lakewood, Audrey Peterson - Wabeno, Mike Mentz - Laona

                      Our Elders and Deacons

                      Elders are leaders of the church who are responsible for the functioning of the church. They are the leaders ("moderators") of the various parish committees and together form the session of your church and the Parish Council which meets monthly and makes decisions regarding church operations. They are people whom you can approach when you have questions about how your church operates. They are elected to three year terms but cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. Talk to an elder if you are interested in becoming one.

                      Deacons are entrusted with caring for the congregation as a whole. Every member is assigned to a deacon. The deacon is to watch over that person and be there to help them in times of need. If you don't come to church for a while, they may call you to see if you're okay. Let your deacon know when you need support from your church...and if you know of someone else who is in need of support. They, too, are elected to three year terms but cannot serve more thatn two consecutive terms. Talk to a deacon (or an elder) if you are interested in becoming one.

                      Current Elders Term End Year Current Deacons Term End Year
                      Katie Collins (Laona) 2016           JoAnne Gipp (Lkwood) 2016
                      Larry Market (Lkwood) 2016 Audrey Peterson (Wabeno) 2016
                      Mary Ellen Keller (Lkwood) 2016 Terry Severson (Lkwood) 2016
                      Henry Severson (Lkwood) 2017 Cindy Hart (Laona) 2016
                      Mike Mentz (Laona) 2017 Joanne Sisler (Wabeno) 2016
                      Diane Spaude (Wabeno) 2017 Sue Market (Lkwood) 2017
                      Pamela Schroeder (Wabeno) 2018 Nancy Rehbein (Lkwood) 2017
                      Suzanne Bell (Lkwood) 2018 Frankie Derfus (Wabeno) 2017
                      Cheri Kuske (Lkwood) 2018 Bev Scheuerman (Wabeno) 2017
                      Shirley Connors (Wabeno) 2017
                      Debbie Bellamy 2017
                      Wayne Lafferty (Laona) 2018
                      Linda Mentz (Laona) 2018
                      Janet Sauer (Lkwood) 2018
                      Louie Spaude (Wabeno) 2018
                      Don Prueter (Lkwood) 2018
                      Pam McCulloch (Wabeno) 2018






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